Autopond is an infrared card trading game for Palm-powered devices, written by Josh Goldfoot. Adapted for the web by Toni Cornelissen. Use the "Join" link on the right to join this game.

Autopond builds community by causing users to cooperate with each other in winning a game in which the whole world is on the same team. Each user, upon loading Autopond for the first time, is assigned the permanent goal of obtaining 5 specific cards, chosen from 120 possible cards. Each user starts the game with 7 cards, none of them useful to the user.

Users trade cards with each other by beaming them back and forth as part of mutually acceptable trades. A user can also win a new card by beaming the Autopond application to a new player. Each time two players meet, they exchange information about every other player they know and what cards those players are looking for. This allows players to find and meet each other, and cooperate in helping each other win the game.

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